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Ursine Vulpine: 'Fenrir' EP

Image of Ursine Vulpine: 'Fenrir' EP

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IHR003 - Ursine Vulpine - 'Fenrir'
Format: EP // CD / Digital. Available 18th October.

1. Shadow Moses / Alaska
2. Raijin
3. Eden
4. Bahamut

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'With a staggering grasp of melancholic guitar and heart-heavy dynamics ursine vulpine's fenrir is the work of a man wise beyond his 19 years. in the epic builds there's traces of the second wave of post rock (godspeed, silver mt zion), in the haunted stillness a grasp of popul vuh and in the psychedelic overtones the american psych-folk underground's wisps of weirdness. this is a uniquely british sound though, with the creaks of pentangle ghosting each string pluck.' ROUGH TRADE

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